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About us ...

An evening with CKD is a charity dedicated to improve the health of African Caribbean people living in the UK.


Our Mission Statement; 


Eradicate the prevalence of CKD (Chronic Kidney Disease) in the UK African-Caribbean population by informing and educating the fundamentals of CKD with special focus on End-Stage Kidney Failure Intervention; addressing the misconceptions of Organ Donation, Promoting regular health checks (particularly in men), Lifestyle maintenance and Well-being. 

An Evening With CKD is the product of a young woman's dream – gone haywire.  

Confronted with End-Stage Kidney Failure at the tender age of 22, founder, Amma

Rose battled with the disease swapping her university text books for CKD brochures

and leaflets.  Initially oblivious to the life transforming condition she quickly learnt

the road ahead would perhaps be her greatest challenge yet.  


Upon recognising that fellow CKD sufferers were mainly of the same ethnicity as

her, she vowed to enlighten 'the community' of what actually transcends between

the walls of a Renal (Kidney) ward.


Black people are three to four times more likely to develop Chronic Kidney Disease in comparison to their white counterparts.  Educating healthy and high risk individuals with preventative measures not only strengthens but protects our community. An Evening With CKD is determined to fight kidney disease head on with every intention of succeeding through aggressive campaigning, fundraising and events.


We are currently based in East London, England. Our primary focus targets individuals in Lewisham, Newham, Lambeth, Croydon, Southwark, Hackney and Haringey with a view to reach black communities further afield in the near future.


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The founder ...

Living with CKD is no easy feat! I have Level 5, End-Stage Kidney Disease. Without haemo-dialysis, I would die. Therefore my life consists of three, four hourly bouts of treatment a week. From the moment the nurse plunged an enormous needle in my arm to access my fistula I wanted to shout and scream to the world about Kidney awareness.


Too many times I sat next to women like myself and listened to sad stories of dreams gone astray, ripped away and replaced with sorrow, confusion and depression. Many women had dependants, families to care for and men failed as the breadwinner, feeling useless and a burden to their loved ones.  


I am blessed to have an amazing support system, my family and friends always enquire about my health. But I always find it frustrating how little they really know about my condition, despite my attempts of enlightening them they don’t really understand what life as a Dialysis patient is like and the importance of being Kidney aware.


I also wanted to further explore the community’s ‘belief system’ on Organ Donation and provide an accessible ‘culturally friendly’ platform to challenge the misconceptions.

An Evening With CKD is no longer a dream but reality. I hope you become part of my journey – if you love your mother, father, brother, sister, husband or wife, if you love yourself, then join with me and become Kidney aware to help prevent my experience becoming yours.