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Organ donation ...

Organ Donation is when a healthy organ is given to a person to replace their damaged organ.  


On March 31st 2013 7,332 NHS patients were registered on the UK Transplant waiting list. 6115 of those people were waiting for a Kidney transplant. Kidney transplants are most commonly performed.


The NHS Organ Donation register is a live database of people who wish to donate their organ(s) when they die.  Black people are four times more likely to require a kidney transplant but negative attitudes towards organ donation in the community have resulted in a poor presence on the UK Organ Donation register.

It’s vital that we, the black community adopt a new view of organ

donation. Why? Because no-one can save us but ourselves. Literally!

Blood and tissue type are the most crucial factors when matching an organ for transplantation. However the ethnicity of the donor is key and should be the same as the recipient to get the closest match as possible.




Changing Perceptions


An Evening with CKD recognises and will address primary misconceptions the black community wrestle with:


Religion - Establishing dialogue between faith leaders and their followers, faith organisations such as Mother’s Union. Open discussions and debates in a non-bias environment whereby opinions can be expressed and explored.


Psychological perceptions – Educational seminars, debates, interesting documentary style films, insight into stage 5 CKD treatments, visit to dialysis centres, charity literature, interaction with black leaders, enlightening the youth through educational institutions and other key sections of the black community.


Do you know you can donate a kidney whilst you are living? This is called a Living Donor Transplant.


It takes a special person to donate a kidney to a relative, friend or a stranger who’s kidney has failed. The Donor can live a healthy normal life with one kidney, infact some people are born with just one.


The number of living donors increased by 4% between March 2012 and 2013. Living donors account for half of the total number of Transplants.


A moment with Vernette Bodkin


Montserratian born -‘Vernette Bodkin’s CKD journey has been a testing one. Now on her Second kidney transplant, Bodkin shares a moment talking about her struggles and joy as a Living Donor Transplant recipient.


Click below and listen to the interview

vernette bodkin

Look out for future Organ Donation drives and events on the Fundraising & Events page.